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Worlds Biggest Horse Races

Horse race bettors will find there are always races that are going on, so there are always betting options that are available when betting online. However, some bettors will only want to bet on the biggest races in the world, which can offer the most amazing payouts for small bets that are placed. There are a number of major race events that are held and by learning which are the biggest, bettors can prepare for their bets on upcoming races. The United States, Australia and the UK are home to some of the biggest races during the year and offer he largest purses.

The Royal Ascot is an event that is held each year at the Ascot Racecourse in England. This event has been active since 1711 and is often attended by the members of the Royal Family. This horse race event lasts for 5 days, offering ample opportunities to place bets and collect rewards.

The Prix de L’arc Triomphe is in Paris and this is a Group 1 race that is only open to thoroughbreds. The race is late in the season and is held every October on the first Sunday of the month. This is one of the most acclaimed horse races in France and is the third richest horse race in the entire world.

The Breeder’s Cup is a US race that is held over two days. It is run at different tracks each year and consists of 14 separate races. There are varying purses that range from $500,000 all the way top $5 million, so this is definitely one of the biggest races on the world.

In Australia, the Melbourne Cup is the race of the year. This is a top horse race and one of the richest. The event is held each November and in the Victoria and Melbourne regions, the Melbourne Cup is an observed holiday.

Another huge race for fans is the Kentucky Derby, which is the first of the Triple Crown events in the US. This event is held in a 1.25 mile course at Churchill Downs and rakes place every May on the first Saturday of the month. The time record at this race is still held by Secretariat, one of the most respected and famous horses in racing history and the completion tome record is 1:59:40.

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