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Horse Racing FAQ

While horse racing has always been a popular sport, many people are just getting started. They may either be visiting a live track or betting online and there are some common questions that are often asked by beginner bettors. With the following list of FAQ, bettors can find answers to their questions and start enjoying the amazing action of horse race betting.

Is horse race betting legal?

Most countries promote horse racing and it is completely legal to place real money wagers on races. There are also many locations that allow bettors to bet online through an online casino or sportsbook that is licensed and regulated.

What are the Betting Options?

There are many ways to bet at the races. Some of the popular bets include Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta, but there are also straight bets that can be placed. All bets have different odds which should be considered.

Who Can Bet At Live Races?

Most countries or states have a legal gambling age. In order to place wagers on the horse races that are being run, it is required to be of legal gambling age.

Is online betting safe?

When visiting a casino or sportsbook site, the betting options for horse racing are safe and secure. Each site will take precautions to protect all bettors with real money accounts so that ongoing betting can easily and securely be enjoyed.

How Do I Learn Odds?

The odds of each race and each horse will vary. In some cases, odds will change right up until the race is started based on the number of wagers that are being placed. There are also set odds that are published in the race schedule and this information can be useful for handicapping.

Where Can Bets be Placed?

When betting at a live track, there will be various locations where bets can be placed. These bets can be for the next race or even for future races. Most sites have numerous kiosks that will allow betting. With online betting, any site that supports horse racing will allow bets to be placed.

What is a Fillie?

A fillie refers to a female horse that is running the race. To be considered a fillie, the horse must be under four years old. Many races will be separated based on breed, sex, age and other factors.

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