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Horse Racing and Betting Directory of Terms

Horse racing, like many other sports, uses some terms that are only heard when referring to racing. By learning some of the most popular terms, new bettors will have a better understanding of horse racing and will find they can easily place bets on the races. The following terms are the most used in the industry and by learning these, any new fan of racing will be on their way to being well informed and versed.

Most of the terms with horse racing do refer to bet placing, but there are others that refer to horse breeds, race types, odds and other statistics. Here are the most common terms of horse racing:

Across the Board: This is a betting term that refers to a bet that is placed on a single horse to win, place and show.

Backstretch: This is an area of the race track and it is the straight part of the track that is completely opposite the finish line or the stable area.

Bridge Jumper: This term refers to a bettor that is placing large bets in the Place or Show pools on horses that are odds-on favorites.

Daily Double: This is a betting term that refers to the wager where the bettor picks the winner of two sequential races on a single ticket.

Exacta: A bet picking the 1st and 2nd place winners of the race on one ticket.

Furlong: One eighth of a mile

Handicap: This is a race where weights are assigned to equalize the chances of all entrants in the race. It also refers to studying the records of a horse to determine their chances of winning.

In the Money: Horses finishing in the top four.

Maiden: A horse that has never won or a race for horses that have never won.

Post: The starting gate of the race .

Superfecta: Wager where the order of the first four horses are chosen. This is a difficult wager and usually has very high payouts.

Track Take: The amount of money that is taken from each pool for track revenue.

Trifecta: Wager selecting the first three horses to come in order.

Under Wraps: Refers to a horse where the rider is holding the horse back from achieving optimal speed.

Washed Out: A horse that is nervous and sweating.

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