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Horse Handicapping

There are many things that must be considered when betting on horse racing and one thing that many bettors pay attention to is horse handicapping. When it comes to horse racing, handicapping refers to the prediction of the results of a race. This means that there is an art that is used to predict which horses will have the better chances of being in the Winner’s Circle and most people will greatly profit from these predictions. Most people who are good at handicapping will use their own methods of prediction and this is often used when making wagers. Over time, these systems are refined and can even be used by other bettors.

There are many stats that should be considered when handicapping, Bettors will want to look at which horses have performed best in the past few races. They will need to know if those horses were in the money and how close to winning they were. Bettors will also look at the pace of the horses and base bets on whether the horse is affront runner, closer, stalkers or pressers.

Handicap races are one of the major types of thoroughbred races and with these, the weight the horses carry will be adjusted to their age. For example, a two year old horse will compete with less weight than a three year old or older. Handicaps are assigned to horses so that all horses that are involved in the race will have an equal chance of winning. These races contain horses of different ability levels and the main idea is that the better horse in the race will carry more weight than other horses. With a perfect handicap race, all horses would cross the finish line at the same time.

The weight that can be carried by the horse is determined by an Official Rating, which is a figure given to a horse after they win a race or they lose three times where in at least one race, the horse finishes in the top 6. Once a horse receives this rating, it is eligible to compete in handicap races. The actual weight is related to other horse ratings and it always is related to pounds in weight. For example, a horse rated 55 will carry 10 pounds less than one that is rated 65.

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